Røde is a platformer puzzle game starring a magnificent, red... shape.
The game sports several short puzzles of varying difficulty. Can you beat the last level?  

WASD - Move
Space - Jump
Mouse - Move camera

Røde is a platforming-jumping-puzzle game created during a few days of notGDC Jam 2019. 

All of the assets are my own.
Rigging and animation by Mixamo.


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I like the floating platforms aesthetic. Didn't quite understand how to unlock the doors though, was stuck in the level with the three white platforms in the middle. 

What are the controls? I'm attempting to play, however, the only thing that seems to respond is the camera. If I move the mouse, the perspective changes, but wasd/arrow keys aren't responding.

That is weird. Did you try refocusing the window or full screen? WASD/Space and mouse are the controls. Will update the description

It seems to have worked this time around. maybe it was just that first time that I'd launched it. sorry about that.